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Revolutionize your sensory experience with an extraordinary product that brings the sense of touch to new heights of realism and involvement. This haptic device is the key to immersing yourself in a world of unprecedented tactile sensations and is applicable to the world of advertising communication and promotion. With its ability to transmit the sensations of touch on any surface and material, you will literally feel in contact with the virtual world.


Precision engineered to deliver a full range of tactile sensations on any surface or virtual material, this device accurately conveys texture, resistance and touch sensation, allowing users to interact with the virtual environment in a surprisingly realistic way. Using sophisticated algorithms and high precision sensors, guarantees an extremely accurate and engaging tactile experience. The application potential of this technology is unlimited, ranging from the gaming industry and from virtual entertainment to training.


The haptic glove represents the pinnacle of innovation in haptic gloves for virtual reality, as it uses in the three stimuli that influence the sense of state simultaneously: the feedback on the force, the perception of texture and thermal indications. Thanks to haptic glove, interaction with virtual objects comes closer extraordinary to the naturalness of real experience. This glove doesn't just deliver a challenging experience, but significantly speeds up learning curves and saves money valuable resources in training applications, prototyping and artistic fields.


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